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Anxiety can present itself in many ways – from a free floating sense of unease and discomfort, to a fear triggered by a particular event or circumstance. Hypnotherapy can be extremely effective at helping sufferers overcome all forms of anxiety, as it is exceptionally useful at finding the root cause of the anxiety, and helping the sufferer overcome it entirely, whilst boosting overall confidence.

Specific forms of anxiety that hypnotherapy can help with include:


Phobias are severe fear reactions to a particular stimulus. A phobia is more than ‘not liking’ a particular thing – many people don’t like spiders, but a genuine phobia can be completely debilitating. Phobias are often the result of traumatic experiences earlier in life – sometimes these may not even be consciously remembered, but the stimulation of a particular situation (like seeing a dog, or having to speak in public) brings back a very powerful fear, which overwhelms the rational minds ability to deal with it. Hypnotherapy can help clients overcome phobias by removing the negative effects of earlier experiences, and returning to the client the ability to respond to situations in a calm, rational, manner.

Panic attacks

In sever cases Anxiety can manifest in panic attacks – over one in twenty people will suffer from a panic attack at some point in their life, and as well as being very distressing and uncomfortable, they can be mistaken for much more serious medical conditions. Hypnotherapy can address the root causes of panic attacks, help to reduce the likelihood of them occurring in the future, and also offer useful coping techniques if panic attacks are ever experienced again.

Stage fright

Whilst a little nervousness before a performance is natural, severe stage nerves can be debilitating, reducing performance and ruining the enjoyment of a potentially wonderful experience. Hypnotherapy can be used to install positive thoughts before a performance, reduce fear, and also mentally ‘rehearse’ performances so that a performer can feel far more calm, and confident, when it comes to the real thing.

Exam nerves

As a teacher of seven years experience, I saw the negative effects that severe exam nerves could have on students – reducing their recall in exams, negatively affecting their performance, as well as giving them a thoroughly unpleasant experience, which often haunted them for days afterwards. Now I am in a position to directly help with these problems – hypnotherapy helps boost confidence, improve recall, and leaves students feeling calm, confident, and in control in exam situations.