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Corporate Workshops

Hypnotherapy can offer powerful and useful techniques which work with groups just as easily as with individuals. As a result I have designed a number of workshops which are designed to be run in the workplace. Many people are fascinated by the field of hypnotherapy and would relish the chance to work with a trained hypnotherapist for a day. Workshops I offer include:

Stress Relief – Half day

With stress increasingly recognised as health problem of the modern age, any new opportunities to teach employees how to deal stress in the workplace should be seriously considered. Hypnotherapy is extremely effective at dealing with stress, not only because it is an excellent relaxation technique, but also because it can be used to install positive thought habits that help people remain calm and positive in the future. This half day workshop covers sources of stress, how to achieve better mental habits, coping with stress in the long term, and makes use of group hypnosis to help participants really experience a calm, positive, state of mind and to retain it for the future.

Stress Relief – Full day

This day long workshop contains all of the content of the above, half day, workshop, but in addition I also cover full lessons in self hypnosis. Self hypnosis is a skill which allows an individual to induce a deep level of trance in themselves, independent of a hypnotist. As well as being an excellent way to relax, and remove stress, this also gives an individual the opportunity to give themselves direct suggestions to increase their confidence, energy levels, concentration and productivity. An enormously powerful technique, self hypnosis can be taught by an experience hypnotherapist over the course of an afternoon, but is a skill that can be benefit participants for the rest of their life.

Personal enhancement through better thinking

This workshop looks at the way we think, why we think that way, and how to do it better. Often we simply accept our thought processes as ‘just the way we are’, but with a little critical consideration, and the application of some techniques, we can change our thinking to be more effective, efficient, and self confident. This workshop draws extensively on the theory and practices of N.L.P., but also makes use of hypnotherapy as a method of improving the way we think, feel and work every day. Participants will be left feeling more relaxed, more confident, and more able to tackle any task before them.

Bespoke workshops

If you have a particular idea for a workshop, or an activity day, for your staff or co-workers, please contact me with your ideas, as I am happy to custom design a day's workshop to the particular needs of your organisation.

If your organisation is interested in my workshops, please contact me for full details of cost, and my availability. Although based in West London, I can travel to most locations by arrangement. My workshops are designed to run for up to 16 people, however if you have a larger group contact me for discussion of special arrangements.

I am also available to give lectures and talks on all aspects of hypnotherapy.