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How can hypnotherapy help with overcoming depression?

The most effective techniques for dealing with depression are generally those that change the way the sufferer thinks – introducing more positive mental habits and patterns, whilst removing negative ones. Hypnotherapy is extremely effective at this, as it doesn’t work directly with the conscious mind, but rather with the unconscious mind instead. The unconscious is where we store our beliefs, habits, and the thought processes which form the ‘background environment’ to our everyday thoughts and feelings. Although we may tell ourselves that something is true, if our unconscious mind rejects it as being false then the idea will be rejected, and not form part of our psyche. The power of Hypnosis comes from its ability to directly bypass this filtering process, installing new ideas and habits directly into the unconscious mind. So while previously our unconscious mind may have rejected the suggestion that we can feel more positive, and more optimistic, through hypnosis we can accept this new, more hopeful, outlook on the world.

Depression is sometimes the result of a direct, identifiable, cause – such as the loss of a loved one, a major life change, or a past trauma that casts a shadow over present events. If this is the case Hypnotherapy can enable a client to re-evaluate these events. Whilst we can never change the events themselves, we can change the effect these events have on us, and our emotional reaction to our thoughts and memories. Hypnotherapy empowers a client to change their feelings and reactions, healing the hurt of the past and laying to rest the stress and worries of the present.

When depression has no direct, identifiable, cause, Hypnotherapy provides techniques for understanding the root of the current feelings, thus providing the client with a better understanding of why they feel the way they do. It is then possible to directly address the negative thoughts, emotions, and feelings which form the depression, and through the application of further techniques heal the sources of negative emotions, and replace destructive thought patterns with more helpful ones.

Hypnotherapy starts with the premise that we all have the resources we need to resolve any issue in our lives, we just may be unable to access those resources. Hypnotherapy works to enable a client to access their own resources at first, so they can heal themselves from within, by realising how much power and control they have over their own mental environment, mood, and emotions.

If you think Hypnotherapy can help you to deal with your depression, or the depression of someone you know, contact me and set up an appointment. Remember I offer a free, no obligation, half hour consultation before your first appointment so we can discuss exactly what I can do for you, and I can answer any questions about hypnotherapy that you may have. You can also read about the full details of my appointment system.