Insight Clinical Hypnosis

Lectures and talks

If you are a member of a group or organisation that might be interested in a lecture on some aspect of Hypnotherapy, do contact me. I give talks to various groups, and I am happy to answer questions about the various applications and benefits of hypnotherapy.

Talks on hypnotherapy I give include:

Hypnosis past and present

The history of hypnosis is full of curious characters – from Franz Mesmer waving magnets at people to Milton Erickson sitting talking gobbledygook to a patient for an hour at a time. In fact, given some of the incidents in the past it’s no wonder that hypnotherapy has taken time to be accepted by the establishment. In this talk I’ll discuss the slow, painful, process of the discovery of hypnosis, it’s modern applications, and why people staring at the wrong tree was disaster for Mesmer, but a big step forward for hypnosis.

Hypnosis and addiction

Hypnotherapy is rightly famed for its ability to help smokers quit their habit, and has also shown itself to be very valuable in overcoming other addictive behaviour such as gambling, over-eating and even simple things like nail biting. But how can Hypnotherapy be so effective? What is it about the hypnotic trance, and the techniques used by hypnotherapists, that has helped so many people over the years to overcome addictive patterns? In this lecture I discuss the techniques used in hypnotherapy, and discuss theories as to why they are so effective.

Hypnosis and personal development

Hypnosis is often seen purely in the context of problem solving – it is exceptionally useful for overcoming addictions such as cigarettes, removing phobias, and healing emotional damage. However, this overlooks its usefulness in enhancing and improving lives, as well as overcoming chronic problems. Hypnosis is increasingly being recognised as a powerful tool in personal development, helping people achieve their potential and live happier, more fulfilled lives. In this lecture I’ll discuss the benefits of hypnosis in personal development, and why having a positive, forward thinking, attitude to life can be so beneficial.

I am also available to run day, and half day, corporate workshops covering such topics as stress management, creative visualisation, and enhancing creativity.