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How can hypnotherapy help you stop smoking?

One of the most well known uses for hypnotherapy is to help people quit smoking. I offer a special program to help you quit right away - it takes one session, for a fixed price of £150, which includes a free 'top up session' if it's required.

Smoking is an addiction with both emotional and physical components, and Hypnotherapy can help with both of these. When a habit becomes as ingrained as smoking tends to be, it is incredibly difficult to leave behind because it enters into so many parts of our lives. The physical craving can be intense, but so can the emotional satisfaction we get from taking the time to have a cigarette. The great advantage that Hypnotherapy has over all other systems for quitting is that it deals with both of these issues at the same time – helping you entirely forget the physical craving, but also giving you the confidence, and self belief, to leave cigarettes behind once and for all.

Habits are often driven by unconscious desires – it’s far too easy to light up a cigarette, or step outside for a cigarette break, without really realising you are doing so. Hypnotherapy can help remove these subconscious drives, so that you never take a cigarette ‘without thinking’ again.

Many people who have tried to quit return to cigarettes at times of stress, or crisis, feeling that they need the emotional relief that they think a cigarette gives them. Hypnotherapy can prevent these relapses by giving you the self confidence, and self belief, to not need the false emotional support of a cigarette. It can also show you techniques for tapping into your own resources of calmness and self confidence.

Taking Hypnotherapy for quitting smoking does not mean you can’t smoke again, it will rather help you to control the choice you make as to whether you smoke or not. If you are determined to undermine yourself, or go back to the bad habit you’ve just got rid of, you will be able to do so. However, a session of hypnotherapy will put you in control of what happens from that day on – if you keep choosing not to smoke, you will not smoke again.

When you come to your ‘quit smoking’ session, you should be ready and prepared to never smoke again. You will leave the session as a non-smoker, and will be able to remain that way. You should not think in terms of being able to have ‘one last cigarette’ after the session, or just finishing the pack you’ve got in your pocket. If you’re serious about quitting, come to the session ready to be completely freed from your addiction, and you’ll never have to pick up a cigarette again.

If you feel you're now ready to quit smoking, and be finished with it for good, then contact me to set up an appointment. Remember, I offer a free, no obligation, half hour consultation before the main session begins so that I can discuss with you the process, and answer any questions you have about hypnotherapy.