Insight Clinical Hypnosis

Stress Relief and Relaxation

Stress is now linked to a wide range of health problems, and is increasingly recognised as a serious health problem in the modern workplace. Hypnotherapy is extremely well placed to be able to help with this health issue. As well as being able to induce an extremely relaxed state in a client, hypnotherapy is wonderfully good at dealing with the long term influences of stress. Because Hypnotherapy allows a client to work with their own unconscious mind, they can address the root cause of emotional issues, and communicate with the part of their mind that is generating the feelings of stress, or of being out of control. Through various techniques hypnotherapy gives a client an opportunity to give themselves a mental ‘spring clean’ – removing negative thoughts, destructive beliefs, and outmoded ideas so that they can tackle the difficulties of life feeling fresh, more confident, and more optimistic. This reduces the impact of future difficult events, leading to a more positive outlook, and less of a sense of stress.

At the moment I offer special, one hour, sessions of Stress Relief and Relaxation using Hypnotherapy for just £50. As well as a full hour of relaxing hypnotherapy designed to leave you feeling much more positive and in control, you will also receive a free relaxation self-hypnosis CD at your first session, which will give you the opportunity to keep enjoying the benefits of the session far into the future. This is a specially designed one hour program to help you rest, relax, and leave stress behind.

Note: these special stress relief sessions are not designed to tackle more complex, and specific issues, but are for general stress relief and relaxation. Other, specific, and more complex, issues are handled using my usual appointments system.