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Weight Issues

Battling with diets, battling with bad eating habits, battling to get the weight you want. Most people think that controlling their weight is about will power, and self denial. The hypnotherapy approach is very different - you don't have to fight yourself in order to get what you want, but rather learn to understand your desires, needs, and goals, and then strike a balance between them. If you take the hypnotherapy approach, you'll never have to diet again – you will simply be in control of the way you eat, you will have installed healthy habits in the way you live, and you'll have removed the self-destructive activities which were doing you damage in the first place.

Most of us already have all the knowledge we need to eat healthy, to eat the right amount, and to maintain the body weight we are happy with. Where we go wrong is usually not through lack of knowledge, or lack of discipline, but because our relationship with food has become confused. Food may be used to find comfort, as an escape activity, or even as a way to punish ourselves. Eating for reasons other than simple hunger is often the root cause of putting on weight we don't need. If we fight our food intake directly, without addressing the underlying emotional needs, our will power will inevitably fade, and bad habits will re-exert themselves.

Hypnotherapy directly addresses the underlying reasons that we eat badly and ignore what our body tells us about how much we should be eating and when. Through hypnotherapy you will learn how to undercover your emotional drives for food and find better strategies for satisfying those needs. You will also gain the self confidence to follow through on your plans, so that you'll not only look better but feel better about yourself too.

Hypnotherapy does not offer a magic wand that will instantly give you the body shape you want. You are still the one who controls what you eat, when and how. But Hypnotherapy will help you understand, and control, the habits that have made you eat badly in the past, and it will give you the insight, and knowledge, to ensure you don't fall into bad habits again in the future. By using the techniques you will learn, and by making choices based on the new insight you have gained, you will develop a whole new relationship with food which means you'll eat the right amount, at the right time, and change to the body weight you wish to have. It isn't about dieting, or denial, it's about forming the right relationship with food - one which will stay with you for the rest of your life.

If you wish to make use of Hypnotherapy to help you get to the weight you want to be, then contact me and set up an appointment. Remember I offer a free, no obligation, half hour consultation before your first appointment so we can discuss exactly what I can do for you, and answer any questions you may have. You can also read about the full details of my appointment system.